Erik Solheim

EAL Media
April 29, 2022

What a huge blessing it was to have our historic session with five ambassadors on «The Significance and Freedom of Religion».

We are absolutely certain that never before in the history of mankind has there been a gathering of Charismatic Christian leaders where three Muslim ambassadors, one Hindu ambassador, and one who is a liberal Christian, have been given the floor to speak their convictions, and they were all received with great joy, openness and respect.

We learned, we were stretched, and we were inspired!

Left to right: Yerkin Akhinzhanov (🇰🇿 Kazakhstan), Todung Mulya Lubis (🇮🇩 Indonesia), Amr Ramadan (🇪🇬 Egypt), Jan-Aage Torp, B.Bala Bhaskar (🇮🇳 India), and Erik Solheim (🇳🇴 Norway).

Here is the message from the former Under-Secretary of the United Nations, H.E. Erik Solheim of Norway.

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