Legnica 2017

EAL Media
April 07, 2017

The Fourth EAL Annual Gathering was held in Legnica, Poland on Tuesday 4th-Friday 7th of April, 2017. 

Legnica is a town in southwestern Poland, in Silesia, and is close to the international airport of Wroclaw, near the German border.

The Gathering was held at Hotel Qubus, and one full day was devoted to a visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

The theme of the Gathering was «The Ecclesia in Europe». The main presentations was given by Ioan Ceuta, Marshall Cross, George E. Markakis, and Wieslaw Ziemba, .

The Roman Catholic leader of the «40  Days for Life» pro-life movement in Croatia, Ante Čaljkušić, made a special presentation about the need to protect unborn children.

The Albanian pastor Elona Prroj shared her impacting testimony of how her husband Tani was murdered in 2010 in Albanian «blood feud», and that she was helping victims of this historic problem among Albanians.

The author of the book «God, Israel & You», Michael Onifer, from USA spoke on the Church and the Jews.

A special session was led by Wieslaw Ziemba and his team, primarily Bogdan Olechnowicz, about the work of the «Poland for Jesus» movement.

Several members of EAL had excellent presentations as well.

Wieslaw Ziemba and Norbert Palimaki of Legnica were our able host & administrator team.

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