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Making a Difference in Nairobi

EAL Media
November 11, 2019
Making a Difference in Nairobi Making a Difference in Nairobi

At the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which opens tomorrow in Nairobi, Kenya with 8.000 delegates worldwide, including numerous heads of state, we are happy to announse that EAL President Jan-Aage Torp will be a co-sponsor with the expert team from the Ordo Iuris Institute of Poland for a Side Event on Wednesday from 09:00 until 10:30 named «Is Abortion a Solution to Maternal Mortality?»

EAL has been given a status by the United Nations as a «Civil Society Organization, including Youth Networks»

- I am very happy about this, says Jan-Aage. - We have been pursuing the status of NGO in the Council of Europe, which we seem certain to get, but thiis status from UN was totally unexpected, and will help us immensely as we reach out to governments, youth, families, and churches in Europe.

Civil society is the «third sector» of society, along with government and business. It comprises civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations.

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