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When Apostles are abusive

Jan-Aage Torp
September 22, 2015

Don't bow down to spiritual abuse! 

In the New Apostolic Reformation, we must be wiling to deal with such matters.

When Apostles are abusiveRene Terra Nova, the great apostle in Manaus, Brazil, told me this summer that he had to reject gruesome spiritual abuse from a highly influential, world-reknown apostle about 10 years ago.

The abusive apostle demanded that he 1) give up the church in Manaus (which Rene had built from scratch), 2) hand over the leadership to him of a national apostolic initiative in Brazil, and 3) denounce his support of the Jews as God's chosen people.

These 3 demands were presented to Rene after Rene had even been willing to move to another nation for 2 years to "sit at the great apostle's feet", but even then Rene was brushed aside!

Rene said to me:

"I had to reject him totally, even though I had spent years to serve him! It was the most painful experience of my life."

When I heard this from Rene Terra Nova, I understood that we must never allow this kind of abusive leadership to dominate and control our lives!

Be strong!

It is terrible to be under this kind of spiritual abuse. I have been a victim myself... It has been painful, to say the least. It has had much graver consequences than I understood. It has had generational consequences.

In the New Apostolic Reformation, we must be wiling to deal with such matters. Like Rene Terra Nova had to in his personal relationship.

Don't be afraid. The Lord is our shield and fortress.

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