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Ministry Gifts who share Resources

Jan-Aage Torp
January 06, 2023
Ministry Gifts who share Resources

Ministry gifts need to learn how to sow seeds and sacrifices to projects and ministries that do not benefit ourselves, and which we do not control ourselves. This is the very DNA of EAL, as it was in our original mother movement, the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA), which was founded in 1997 in Singapore by apostles and prophets from different continents to stand together and share resources in the battle for nations and continents.

Today we are often surprised at how self-centred many ministers are, both in Norway and Europe, and on other continents. Many give only for their own ministry. But the Lord calls us today to expand our hearts!

The prophet Rich Vera is a powerful example of a ministry gift that does not think only of himself & his own matters. That's how true apostles and prophets are!

In particular, this applies to large initiatives at national and continental levels that require commitment from more than local donors. When we close our hearts to such things, there will never be a breakthrough.

Aina & I work with mega-projects that go far beyond a congregation, a local community or a mission project.

We often work with nations and continental superstructures.

We constantly sow seeds and sacrifices for major missiological and transformational breakthroughs.

And when we receive from others for such purposes, we transfer 100 percent - no deductions - of the collected funds, and we transfer it to those it is for.

We are a living testimony that the Lord provides breakthroughs for our needs when we sow seeds in spite of our own lack.

Seeds work most strongly when we sow into something that the Lord is behind.

«He who gives seed to the sower and bread to eat, he will also give you seed and make it fruitful, and he will make the harvest of your righteousness great» (2 Cor 9:10).

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