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The Love between India and Israel

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February 06, 2024
The Love between India and Israel

For years I have rejoiced at the excellent relationship between the Prime Ministers of Israel and India, Benjamin Netanyahu and Narendra Modi. Pictures of them together have depicted a warm relationship of trust.

I also remember the cooler relationship prior to PM Modi´s reign when India´s former leaders had great admiration for Yassir Arafar of the PLO. India was the first non-Arab nation to recognize PLO (in 1974).

But that has changed, Other parties seem to have lost their leadership role, and Modi & Co have huge support.

Indicative of this decade-long shift is a statistic that emerged this week by «World of Statistics» and conveyed via the X account of the State of Israel's official account managed by Israel MFA´s Digital Diplomacy team, which declares: 

«We love our Indian friends!»

The statistic shows clearly that Israel is the country which perceives India most favorably.

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