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The IHOP-KC tragedy

Jan-Aage Torp
February 22, 2024
The IHOP-KC tragedyJan-Aage Torp & Lou Engle in Oslo in June 2003 (photo credits: Oslokirken)

When I have read the tragic accounts from IHOP-KC as well as other ministries, my heart is filled with grief.

This really shows that we must walk the narrow road, and abstain from sexual impurity, improper relationships, double-mindedness and evil.

God tests His people, and leaders should face a higher standard.

I appreciate the sincere words of my friend since 2003, Lou Engle, who doesn’t point fingers, but expresses sincere grief. «God calls us to contrition!», says Lou Engle.

King David failed miserably on one occasion, but he repented seriously.

Let’s set high standards!

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