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«Homosexual Theology» in Barnevernet?

Jan-Aage Torp
February 20, 2016
«Homosexual Theology» in Barnevernet?Screenshot of Hege Hovland Malterud from TV2 yesterday

Norway is a pluralistic nation, and we are learning to live and work together in spite of differences. However, we have also learned to examine the underlying philosophy and values of people in power.

Barnevernet as such is supposed to be neutral to faith, even though the Bodnariu case is proving to be bottom-line about the resistance against traditional Christian faith and values from Barnevernet and from the local school in Naustdal county. That is a cause for concern.

When we assess the strengths and weaknesses of Barnevernet, it is important to note that Barnevernet is about the protection of children, and supposedly of the unity of the family.

That should imply that the National Director of Barnevernet would live by, and believe in, the majority family values of the Norwegian people, which is clearly traditional Christian.

However, the National Director (since 2014) of Barnevernet in Norway, Hege Hovland Malterud (medical doctor), is a practising lesbian who was elected in 2009 into the council of the Oslo Bishopric within the Church of Norway. She is a prominent member of «Åpen Kirkegruppe», which is the radical movement of homosexuals and lesbians that now has the majority control of the Church of Norway. She has worked actively to ensure that «homosexual cohabitants can continue to work as priests in Oslo». Ms Molterud is even a lay member of the «Doctrinal Tribunal» of the Church of Norway!

So now we can better understand the ideological framework in Barnevernet - the Norwegian «protection» of children. The top leader is a radical proponent of «gay theology»....

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