A Global Movement

Jan-Aage Torp
September 06, 2022

EAL has never been driven by ambition, but our prime example and source is the passion, redemption, reconciliation and servanthood of Jesus Christ.

We are based in Europe, where there is an ongoing spiritual war for the truth and love of Christ to regain its rightful place that started when the Apostle Paul received the Macedonian Call.

However, the world is a global village, and increasingly we have become a movement of global spiritual generals - apostles and prophets - whether they use such titles, or not.

Today, we have members and partners who lead some of the world´s foremost charismatic movements - in Europe, of course. But even in China, India, USA and other regions of the world. Some of us are in the historic denominations of the world - while others are spearheading the new.

Joseph of the Old Testament went through terrible hardships as the Lord promoted him to become Pharaoh´s righthand man - the Prime Minister of the superpower of his day.

It seems that the Lord is bringing EAL to higher and higher places. Not for our own ambition - but for humanity.

Let the Holy Spirit define and lead us!

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