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Europe between Putin and Trump

Jan-Aage Torp
February 12, 2017

It has been amazing to observe how Europeans feel clamped in between the two modern super powers, Russia and USA, and especially between their presidents, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. But we need to acknowledge today that the Church in Europe has a mandate on our own continent - irrespective of Putin and Trump.

Europe between Putin and TrumpI respect both presidents of these great nations. Law and order must be maintained in every nation, and we do well to bless our leadership. Even though I strongly objected to many values and policies of Barack Obama, I chose to respect and acknowledge his leadership. We should show respect to Trump and Putin as well.

It is noteworthy, though, that both Putin and Trump have taken a strong stance against abortion, which is reason to respect them even more.

However, as Europeans we should not dance to the flute of neither of these world leaders. The 55 nations of Europe have unique identities and callings, and we must learn to find our own solutions and stay the course.

Europe as a continent has great challenges today - ranging from economy, migration, and terrorism - to the spiritual foundations and moral issues. We need to face this head on.

When European Apostolic Leaders (EAL) meet in Legnica, Poiland for our 4th Annual Fellowship & Vision Gathering on April 4th-7th, it is not to position ourselves as "for or against Trump or Putin", but we simply need to have candid, trusting and constructive deliberations about the situations that we are facing. I refuse to make superficial policies and positioning the basis for our fellowship. Knowing the breed of apostolic leaders that God is raising up in the environment of EAL today, I am absolutely certain that we all want this integrous basis for our gathering.

The EAL Executive Committee consists of - in alphabetical order - Ioan Ceuta (Romania), Marshall Cross (Scotland), George Markakis (Greece), Wieslaw Ziemba (Poland) and myself as the director. I must confess that I am extremely grateful and proud to belong to such a group, and with our other members and partners all over Europe. The past 12 months have been the most difficult in my life, and these brothers and sisters have stood beside Aina & me when we were really hurting. That is quality!

One full day at the EAL gathering in Legnica will be devoted to Auschwitz. This is the backdrop for all our deliberations. We need to affirm the dignity of human beings, of minorities, and of the Jewish people. We might disagree on practicalities, but when we build on the same fundamental values, then most issues will be resolved. Then we will be the prophetic voices that our nations need.

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