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On a Mission to Worship God

Aina Torp
April 25, 2022
On a Mission to Worship GodMary Elizabeth Kolsrud

Six weeks ago Jan-Aage & I noticed someone who liked several postings on his Facebook public page, and we checked. That led us to an amazing young lady, Mary Elizabeth Kolsrud, from Iowa, USA who moved to Norway 10 years ago on a mission for the worship of God. We then invited her to our Europe Meeting in Oslo on April 28th-May 1st - and she is already fully registered.

Not only that, but she will be the worship leader for the whole gathering!

On a Mission to Worship GodThora Gisladottir

For some of the sessions she will be accompanied by another amazing young woman, Thora Gisladottir from Iceland, who has also been led to live in Norway, close to the YWAM base in Hamar.

On drums will be the outstanding prophetic drummer Anne-Linda Bratsberg Thorsen from Bergen, Norway.

On electric guitar will be Erik Pedersen from Sandefjord, Norway. He is connected to Evangeliesenteret, and according to Mary Elizabeth plays with «great sensitivity».

Mary Elizabeth is simply an amazing singer, worship leader and teacher! Full of the presence of God 🙏 A gift to the Body of Christ in Norway and beyond!

She leads a ministry called «Disciples of Worship».

Check out her instructive book, «Worshipers Rising - a Biblical Guide to Releasing Worship in your Nation».

She embarked on a journey moving to Norway from America in early 2012. She married a real Norwegian viking, and they have two gorgeous kids.

We believe that God will use Mary Elizabeth & friends at the Europe Meeting in Oslo.

NB: We are happy that the exciting Vision Church Praise Team from Drammen will lead praise & worship on Sunday at 11am.

Please check out these links:

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Her worship album: «This Season».

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