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World Druze Leader welcomes EAL

EAL Media
March 19, 2024
World Druze Leader welcomes EALSheikh Kasem Bader and Pastor Jan-Aage Torp in Jerusalem in 2022 (photo credits: Oslokirken)

Sheikh Kasem Bader, the world leader of the Druze community as well as the Chairman of the Universal Peace Council (U.P.C), an international peace-promoting organization that is recognized by the United Nations, will be a speaker at the EAL Spring 2024 Gathering in Jerusalem on April 29-May 3.

- I was introduced to Sheikh Kasem in 2022 by Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, the Duputy Mayor of Jerusalem, and since then I have kept an excellent relationship with my friend Sheikh Kasem. The Druze are a peace-abiding people that contributes positively to the Israeli society as well as to their other nations such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and USA, says EAL President Jan-Aage Torp.

- I am happy that he has accepted our invitation to speak in the opening session of the Gathering.

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