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Prophet Joel´s Day for Albania

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November 01, 2019
Joel´s Day for Albania

The father of the evangelical movement in Albania, Rev. Ali Kurti, spent four hours with Dana Molla and EAL´s President Jan-Aage Torp at Tirana International Hotel on Tuesday. 

Ali Kurti had a particular vision that he wanted to share: His promise to God on November 29th, 2017 to bring Christians together every year to pray and fast for Albania on that specific date. A day in line with the Book of the Prophet Joel.

Before he even started, the Holy Spirit had whispered to Jan-Aage: «Ask him if he will allow you to join in whatever initiative he has next month!» I had no idea that he would even share about an initiative, and frankly my schedule is crammed next month. The Lord instructed me: «Serve his vision!»

Rev. Kurti then recounted how the communist pact for Albania was signed on November 29th, 1944, and communism became the form of government soon afterwards. 

On February 6th, 1967 dictator Enver Hoxha said in a historic speech that belief in «god» must be rooted out. 

On February 8th, 1967 young people from the Communist Party burned and destroyed every religious building in the land. 

On November 1st, 1967 the Constitution decreed that Albanian has no «god». 

This is why the Lord spoke to Rev. Kurti to decree a total reversal of this atheistic madness, and dedicate the nation of Albania to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

A written Declaration was made in his home town Peqin, 70 km from Tirana. Altogether 250 leaders have sinced signed it. Dana Molla will now make a translation into English, and a video of this account will be posted on the European Apostolic Leaders (EAL) web site.

Jan-Aage Torp has promised Rev. Ali Kurti that he will come to Peqin on November 29th, 2019. Dana Molla, the present-day «Mother Teresa» in Albania, will come, snd surely many from the Albanian nations and beyond.

Let us come together to pray and fast in Peqin to reaffirm the pact with Jesus Christ for the great nation of Albania.

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