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With gratitude to EAL

Kalpana Dein
August 12, 2023
With gratitude to EALDr. Kalpana Dein with Dr. Bala Bhaskar, the Ambassador of India to Norway, at the EAL Annual Gathering in Oslo in April 2022 (Photo Credits: EAL)

I met Apostle Jan-Aage at a conference in Leicester a number of years ago. His message was spot on. I remember thinking, if only I had heard this 10 years ago, I would not have made the mistakes I had. What impressed me however was his spirit. 

I therefore requested the apostle to speak at Heart of Prayer (HoP) in London that year (2016), when I got to meet his delightful wife, Aina.

The following year they asked me to a gathering of EAL, where I met Apostle Paivi.  I loved talking to her and so I invited her to attend a woman’s conference that I was attending in London. 

On the first day of this event, she turned to me and said, God wants a «Hallowed» (Heart of Prayer) in Finland.  That was 2017, when Paivi directed me to Eva and Pastor Paivi (not the same person as Apostle Paivi), who would both become dear friends, and we held the first HoP in Helsinki.  

A few years later at another EAL, I met Ps Ronald Joel from South Africa. I stayed in touch with him. One day after HoP England, he contacted me when I was stuck in traffic for an unduly long time (I had a blue tooth in my car).  During this conversation where he encouraged my faith, I did something I almost never do. I asked Ps Joel if he would like a HoP in South Africa, and he agreed readily! Ps Joel was true to his word, and we had our first HoP Johannesburg in 2022.

With gratitude to EALKalpana Dein was ministered to at the EAL Gathering in Oslo in 2022 by Cindy Jacobs, translated to Norwegian by Aina Torp (Photo Credits: EAL)

At the EAL in 2022, in Oslo, Apostle Jan-Aage had graciously asked me to talk about HoP.  After my talk, Ps Israel (who is based in Israel) invited me to have a women’s prayer gathering in Israel.  We’re now in the process of planning  the first ever ladies only HoP in Ashdod in November this year (2023). At EAL in 2022, I also had the privilege of meeting the Indian ambassador to Norway.  At yet another EAL, I met Pastor Elona from Albania who later spoke at a HoP in England. 

Looking back, I am very grateful to have met Apostle Jan-Aage and Aina Torp, not only because of how many doors have opened for HoP through this, but because it brought me into contact with some amazing people from around the world, and it gave me a heart for Europe.  

I was touched to see so many European Christians who love Jesus and love their nations.  What a privilege it has been! 

My grateful thanks to God our loving, heavenly Father, and to the lovely Torps (including Selma).


Grace & Peace,

Dr. Kalpana Dein (Co-Leader of Heart of Prayer)

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