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Europe - the Continent of Freedom, Opportunity and Promise

Jan-Aage Torp
March 05, 2015

Ever since Apostle Paul received "the Macedonian Call", Europe has been in Creation mode. The brilliance and liberty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ brought creativity, insight, vision and dignity to our great continent. Now, we are refusing to let the barbarian and dark ways of pre-Christian times re-conquer Europe. Christianity defines Europe as the continent of freedom, opportunity and promise. New apostolic leaders are emerging to serve our continent!

Europe - the Continent of Freedom, Opportunity and PromiseFor centuries, Christianity in Europe was limited by the mixtures of paganism, barbarianism, and totalitarianism of man-made religions and systems, creating structures of control and suppression, symbolized by the Vatican, and recently by nazism and communism.  But spiritual revival movements through the centuries culminated with the Freedom Cry of the Reformation of Luther and Calvin in 1517. Afterwards, the light grew brighter through great revival and restoration movements in several regions of Europe. The freedom that the Reformation brought, paved the way for the great universities, institutions and democracies that define the successes of Western and Northern Europe. In the past 40 years, the peoples of Southern and Eastern Europe are beginning to enjoy the same opportunities.

I have had a lifelong calling for Europe. I have ministered in 32 nations of Europe (so far), and I am getting more and more impressed by the level of maturity, servanthood, revelation and vision that European apostolic leaders have achieved. Just within the past 4 weeks I have seen this in nations as diverse as Serbia, Poland, England and Spain. I am talking about leaders that have broad vision for all spheres of society, and that acknowledge and honor each other. It seems like the narrow-minded, self-centered and controlling personalities are losing ground, even if they use grandiose titles. 

What we are seeing now is that vision is emerging for cities, nations and regions. Geographical focuses that aim toward transformation. "Let a thousand flowers bloom!" (a common misquotation of Chairman Mao Zedong in 1957). In some cities, nations and regions there is no need for new structures for apostolic leaders, whereas in other areas that is a prerequisite for strong advancements. Let´s work to create environments for great achievement in every place!

However, we are seeing - perhaps even more than the georaphical focus - that vision is emerging for all spheres of society. This is pertinent in cities, nations and regions, but because of our global village and the cohesiveness of our diversified Europe, it is emerging on a continental scale. We see legal expertise emerging to affect change in the powerful institutions of Europe. We see politicians and political agendas emerging to influence the decision-making. We see media expertise emerging. We see educational strategists coming together. We see business executives finding each other. This is developing and becoming visible.

Probably, there is a need in the future for a hub for apostolic leaders, movements and initiatives in Brussels, the capital of modern Europe. That´s where the European Union and NATO are headquartered, as well as other strong institutions. We need an office with expertise in legal, business, media, political, educational and other matters that can serve the apostolic leaders and movements in effective ways. That hub needs to be where the decisions are made, in the capital of Europe.

There is a lot of work ahead. I am excited! 

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