Insight/Jan Willem van der Hoeven of Jerusalem

Jan Willem van der Hoeven of Jerusalem

EAL Media
September 02, 2023

Today’s edition of the Apostolic Insight video podcast features Rev. Jan Willem van der Hoeven (83) of Jerusalem, Israel´s Capitol.

He is originally from the Netherlands, but has lived and served in Jerusalem since the 1970´s.

For several years he was the Chaplain of the Garden Tomb, but in 1980 he initiated, with some other leaders, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), which he represented as the Spokesman.

in the 1990´s, he was sadly ousted from that position, but founded with his Dutch wife Ellen the International Christian Zionist Center (ICZC) in Jerusalem.

Today, ICEJ and van der Hoeven/ICZC have restored their relationship.

Rev. van der Hoeven is undoubtedly one of the Christian world´s most influential spokesmen for Israel, and he is a close friend of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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